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Make one last difference in 2018

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Make one last difference in 2018

1 in 4 children in the United States lives with a chronic illness or health condition that can affect their daily lives and normal activities.

Meet our enCourage kid, KE:

From the moment he was born, his mother knew that something was wrong. After 2 years of countless tests and being poked with sharp needles, doctors finally diagnosed him with Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), a rare and chronic disease of the esophagus for which there is currently no cure.

Can you imagine a life not being able to eat food?

Unfortunately, that is the only life KE knows. Because of this disease, KE is allergic to almost all types of food. This means he is required to wear a backpack every single day which holds a feeding tube that is attached to his stomach. Along with this, every morning, KE spends half an hour taking a special formula and 7 different types of medicine.

However, he doesn't let his tube create barriers that could affect his everyday life.

KE has had over 35 surgeries and procedures, but he is a strong and resilient 16 year-old boy. And just like any other teenager, he loves to play sports and video games, create art, listen to music and sing and dance.

"enCourage Kids provides an environment where I am accepted and not judged, but still known for who I am."

- KE

With your support, enCourage Kids is able to provide programs and resources that help make hospital stays brighter and more comfortable for pediatric patients like KE.

The hospital is a frightening and unfamiliar environment for children. Your gift can go a long way to help humanize the healthcare experience for sick children all across the country.

Hospital budgets don't always cover therapies and treatments focused on joy, comfort, distraction, and education for pediatric patients.

That is why we have built a strong relationship with more than 200 hospital partners in 39 states and Puerto Rico, providing financial support and programs focused on improving the emotional well-being of pediatric patients.

Together, we can make hospitals a better place for children to get better.

Thirty three years ago, enCourage Kids opened its doors and hearts to children battling chronic, serious, or life threatening illnesses and injuries, and our passion for improving the emotional well-being of pediatric patients continues to drive us today. By bringing laughter, comfort, and joy to more than 400,000 children annually, our programs offer relief from the constant burden of treatment, hospital stays, and doctor appointments, and help pediatric facilities to meet the unique needs of their patients.

enCourage Kids envision a world where every child - regardless of the difficulty of his or her medical journey - experiences joy, hope, resilience, and healing.