Celebrate Spring by Helping Sick Kids

Help sick children like Arizona lead their most awesome lives.

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Meet Arizona

At just two days old she had surgery to repair a blockage in her intestine as well as an appendectomy. But she faced many more challenges ahead as further blood work would reveal that she had a very rare condition.

Arizona suffers from Cri du chat syndrome (cry of the cat in French for the distinctive sounds made during infancy). In most cases, children like Arizona never walk, talk, or even live past the age of one. But today, Arizona is far exceeding doctor's expectations. To communicate, she's learned to sign up to 30 words, she is able to pedal her trike, and she is closer than ever to talking independently.

Despite her medical struggles, Arizona's life has been filled with lots of smiles, laughter, and new friends thanks to generous donors like you who continue to support enCourage Kids' programs.

Read Arizona's story here.

For 33 years, enCourage Kids Foundation has empowered kids facing health challenges to lead their most awesome lives through cost-free family outings and uplifting hospital programs. By bringing laughter, comfort and countless smiles to more than 275,000 children annually, our programs offer relief from the constant burden of treatment, hospital stays and doctor's appointments. We serve kids facing a variety of health issues – from those receiving chemo treatments in a clinic, to those who live with a chronic illness that may not be visible. What they all have in common is that they deserve the same opportunities to laugh, to play, and to have fun – whether they are being treated in the hospital or living with their struggles at home.

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