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Send a Smile, Send a Bear

Give a Cuddly Companion to a Hospitalized Child

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When a Bear is more than just a toy

Danny was in the emergency room being treated for severe stomach pain. He needed an IV placed, but was very scared of needles. To help calm him, the Child Life Specialist demonstrated on an enCourage Kids Bear exactly what the nurse was going to do to him. When it was time to place the IV, Danny hugged his Bear tightly with his free arm and remained completely still.

When the nurse was done, Danny smiled and proudly told his mom, "I was so brave, I didn't move at all, just like the Bear!"

Every donation of $35 provides a hospitalized child with a much needed friend.

Children see a friend in the enCourage Kids Bear's smiling face. Child Life Specialists, nurses, and doctors use the Bear for medical play — to help young patients like Danny know what to expect during a hospital visit.

More than 34,000 cuddly Bears have made their way into the arms of hospitalized children since the Send a Smile, Send a Bear program began in 2009.

Comfort, smiles, and courage — all delivered by one cuddly Bear. Send a Bear today to help a sick child through her hospital stay.

*Each Bear is individually wrapped, meeting hospital protocols for health standards.

enCourage Kids Foundation envisions a world where every child—regardless of the difficulty of his or her medical journey—experiences joy, hope, resilience, and healing.

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